Why Temporary Fence is Practical

Temporary fence has become the industry standard for restricting access or fencing off areas , and for good reason. Its modular design means that it can be constructed in any shape, on uneven ground, and can be quickly assembled and dissembled. This makes it ideal for a huge range of applications, such as;

  • Restricting public access to construction and demolition sites
  • Restricting access to ticketed events, such as concerts and festivals
  • Fencing off pools and bodies of water during construction (required by law)
  • Providing a high security barrier when visibility is required
  • Promoting a security presence and keeping intruders out of areas such as stadiums

Installation and Dismantle

great benefit of temporary fence is the ease in which it can be put up and taken down. For situations that require urgent temporary security, such as large public gatherings, construction and renovations, or emergencies, temporary fencing is the most efficient and affordable solution. Empire Commercial Enterprises can install temporary fencing with as little as 24 hours notice, providing you with a prompt and practical solution when you need it most. In turn, it can also be dissembled quickly and easily. Just let us know when it’s no longer required and we’ll remove all fencing from your site.

Time and Money

It goes without saying that portable, easy to install fencing is the most cost effective fencing solution, especially for shorter term projects. Labour and material costs are significantly reduced by hiring fence as opposed to permanent or semi-permanent fencing, and the time taken to organise and erect is drastically less than these alternatives.