Get a Higher Quality Scaffold Hire Service in Canberra, for a More Affordable Price

At Empire Commercial Enterprises, we have only been doing business across southeastern Australia for the past two and a half years. However, despite the relative brevity of our time as a business, we have quickly become the leading scaffold hire company in both Canberra and Sydney. Furthermore, we are only continuing to grow, with clients in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors counting on us for their equipment hires.

So what has been the secret of Empire's success over the past two and a half years? Why is it that companies looking for scaffolding in Canberra will often choose us, rather than our competitors?

Cutting out the Middleman

One of the reasons that Empire Commercial Enterprises has been able to stand so quickly apart from the crowd in Canberra's scaffold hire industry is that we effectively cut the middleman out of our transactions.

Many scaffold hire companies—not just in Canberra, but all throughout Australia—will act as a broker of sorts between a construction company and a materials supplier. Essentially, with these companies, you determine when and where you are going to need scaffolding for your project, and how much. Then, you pass those details on to the scaffold hire company. That company doesn't own their scaffolding supplies but instead has to rent them from a third-party. They then turn around and hire those materials out to you, with an often hefty 'finder's fee' inflating the cost of the rental.

At Empire Commercial Enterprises, what sets us apart is that we own all our equipment. All of our labour is also in-house, which means that the people delivering, setting up and assessing the safety of your scaffolding are part of our company, too. This commitment to cutting out the middleman does two things for you as our client.

First of all, when we rent out scaffolding in Canberra, we are renting out our own equipment instead of going through a third party. As a result, we don't have to cover the cost of renting our materials from someone else, which allows us to pass cost savings on to you.

Secondly, since we own all of our equipment, and since our technicians are trained professionals on our payroll, we can offer a higher quality Canberra scaffold hire service. We know our equipment well and can guarantee that it is safe and well-built; companies that rent from a third party can't possibly give you the same guarantee, simply because they don't have the same level of familiarity. The benefits of that familiarity also extend to installations and safety inspections. Because our scaffolding team know this equipment so well, they know the best practices to ensure it is set up safely.

Hire Empire Commercial Enterprises as Your Scaffold Specialists in Canberra

Bottom line, if you are looking to hire scaffolding in Canberra, choose Empire Commercial Enterprises as your equipment rental company. By cutting out the middleman, we can provide a higher-quality product and service for a great competitive price. You can't beat that.

Interested in getting a quote for your scaffold hire in Canberra? Email Empire Commercial Enterprises today, at!